News Roundup & Open Thread for Thursday, Dec. 5, 2013

Port Authority ED will comply with subpoena, appear before Assembly Transportation Monday

  • Patrick Foye, who’s said sudden closure of lanes off the GWB likely broke state and federal law, will appear Monday to answer questions on whether –  as The Record puts it well – “the world’s busiest bridge was turned into a political weapon” by political appointees of Gov. Christie to punish a Democratic mayor who did not endorse him.
  • Star-Ledger Editorial: Christie’s officials are hiding something in Bridge-gate.
  • Sen. Loretta Weinberg, who attends PA Commission meetings to press for answers, calls the scenario given by Christie appointee Bill Baroni “ridiculous”.

    Bill de Blasio picks a guy with Jersey experience for his first deputy mayor

  • Anthony Shorris, who has executive background at Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson School and Port Authority.


  • Christie leaves today to help Oklahoma governor Mary Fallin, who is willing to cheat military families in service of gay-baiting right-wingers in the GOP.
  • Christie has Martin Perez carrying his water on Latino issues, paddling furiously trying to make the case that it’s Steve Sweeney – not Christie – killing passage of tuition equity bill.
  • Equating Chris Christie to Steve King.
  • The perils of peaking too soon, and why Chris Christie’s comfortable selling out Latinos

    Leonard Lance, using his franking privilege to urge takedown of ACA

  • Is sending mail at taxpayer expense urging the takedown of the law of the land, proposed by the executive branch, enacted by his branch, and upheld by the judicial branch of the federal government to which he is elected.


  • Former mayor Ken Gibson endorses Ras Baraka for mayor.

  • State warns new Newark mayor his staff moves may not fly, given the city operates under a state monitor.

    Legislation seeks to break logjam delaying solar grid-supply projects

  • Lawmakers side with developers who have filed lawsuit against BPU.


  • NJ announces $508M for school construction. Will believe that when we see it.

  • Ethical, procedural, environmental questions on proposal for gas pipeline through Pinelands.

  • Online gambling websites still problematic.

  • Center for Public Integrity says NJ’s lax financial disclosure rules for high court justices are a problem.


  • NJ’s high school graduation rate rises slightly again.
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