ICYMI: Why Chris Christie’s Traffic Jam Matters. Wisniewski on Maddow.

The story of September’s sudden and dangerous local lane closures is not just about a bridge (busiest in the world), not just about a traffic jam (NJ has those every day, right?) and not just about a dumb decision (ditto). It’s a story about how things are done here in New Jersey, and one that just may shed light on the Jersey governor with his eye on the White House, and what just seems magically to get done for him.

Paragraphs vs. sound-bites: But my concern about this story is that it’s one you have to tell in paragraphs. You have to distinguish Fort Lee’s 5-day shutdown from ordinary gridlock. Nobody died, but you have to make clear that it could easily have happened, on the first day of school, with nobody telling police, fire or ambulances it was coming. And you have to talk about how this isn’t how stuff is supposed to happen, that even minor traffic shifts get big light boards with the date and time it will happen. And you have to track the players; the influential PolitickerNJ “blogger” who’s been Christie’s friend for decades, the former legislator and top Christie appointee who we now see apparently perjured himself a few days ago.

Bad juju: And Gov. Chris Christie, who plays the press like a virtuoso, can just swat all that bad juju away from himself with a simple joke about “working the cones”. He doesn’t get involved in piddling little things. Nyuk, nyuk.

Why this story matters: But it’s worth the country’s attention if Christie’s rise takes him to the White House. And it’s worth knowing if he’s the kind of guy George W. Bush – to whom Christie owes his political career – was, building a case for war on a lie. And it’s worth knowing if Christie’s the kind of guy Richard Nixon was, for whom some goons with government connections magically broke into the Watergate. How crazy it would have been to suggest that such a piddling little thing spread its stink to him. Right?

Maddow: Maddow does a great job telling a national audience – that hasn’t lived with this story, or Chris Christie – why this story may be a big deal:

Short ad. Video totally worth the wait.

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  1. Nick Lento

    If the full truth emerges on this Christie’s political career is over.

    If the cover up succeeds say hello to another Nixon type in the White House.

    Baroni needs to be prosecuted for perjury, at the very least.

    Wildstein did something that, had it been done by al Qaeda, would have been considered terrorism and would have landed him in a federal prison for life.

    Shutting down traffic on the GWB in Ft Lee for a week to enforce a political agenda is a form of terrorism.

    Again, had it not been for Senator Loretta Weinberg paving the way on this…and being the first public official to raise the alarm, the cover upi would likely have succeeded.

    As it is, the cover up DID succeed long enough for Barbara Buono to lose the election.   Had all this been known in September Christie may not have been re-elected.

    Looks like Wildstein and Baroni succumbed to the hubris and arrogance of power.  These are not stupid incompetent people…..but they are very very flawed human beings…as is our own Governor Christie.

    Let’s face it, people are afraid of Chris Christie.  That’s how bullies operate.

    Thank God for people like Loretta Weinberg willing to play the role of blowing the whistle on these shenanigans.

    At this point it’s the cover up that may be worse than the crime.

    What did Christie know, and when did he know it???

    All of the parties in this need to be questioned and cross examined under oath….and that includes Governor Christie.

    If this was truly done without any Christie foreknowledge  then he should have been mightily pissed off with Wildstein and should have fired him!   It was obvious form the start that this was dirty.

    Instead Christie praises Wildstein as he resigns in disgrace.

    I say, use the RICO statutes to investigate this matter….it sure looks like a criminal conspiracy, eh?  Lets see how many flunkies are willing to do long stretches in a federal prison rather than rat out their boss.  As a former federal prosecutor, Christie should be in the vanguard of folks calling for justice in this case.  Instead he dismissively and sarcastically treats it as a joking matter.  What does that tell you?

    Even if Christie come out of this unindicted because it can’t be proven he was directly involved…..this still reflects poorly on his choice of people to run the Port Authority and on his management “style”.

    As Wisniewski said, “It’s clear he can’t be trusted to run a toll bridge, I don’t know how he can be trusted to run a country.”

    I wonder if we should even trust Christie to run our state any longer.   He is ether grossly incompetent or corrupt?  Either he he should resign and let the LT do the job pending our next election.  As for running for POTUS…..that should be a joke from here on in.


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