Dems must unite NOW in CD-3

I was dismayed to read this post in PolitickerNJ that some Ocean County Dems are thinking about challenging Burlco Freeholder Aimee Belgard for the CD-3 seat. I can’t think of anything more outrageous, especially coming from a County organization that couldn’t even deliver a respectable showing for Cory Booker, and got crushed in the general election. These clowns couldn’t deliver pizza for Dominoes, much less deliver votes for a congressional candidate.

The reason John Adler won in 2008 was that Dems were united while the GOP wasted money and resources in a bloody Burlco v. Ocean primary dog fight. The same might happen again as Establishment RINOs and Tea Party crazies go at it including, possibly, Steve Lonegan who says he’s interested in the seat and, thanks to the incompetency of OCDems, won more votes in OC than any other county in the state, including his Bergen home.

Though I live in OC I do not begrudge the nominee coming from Burlco, especially someone with the resume and credentials as Aimee Belgard. Besides, Burlco has always carried the district for Dems, and likely will continue to do so in the future. Ocean County Dems couldn’t carry water for Gunga Din, much less carry the County for a Democratic candidate.

There is a real opportunity to retake the seat for Dems, provide OC and Burlco Dems unite now in support of Aimee Balgard. Let’s not waste precious money and resources in a divisive primary.  

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  1. Jay Lassiter

    ….let’s hope he’s paying attention. but you’re right about Ocean, Ken, their organizational capacity has never been  anything close to respectable for as long as I’ve been in south jersey

  2. TomSW

    has impeccable credentials and admirable qualities. She has been a superb Freeholder while serving in the minority with Joanne Schwartz.

    A huge advantage she already has over Kleinhendler and Fanous will be in fundraising. Having announced in early November, she will have a decided edge when this quarter ends on the 31st and fundraising reports are released in Mid-January.

    At this point, and with the unanimous backing of the Burlington County Dems, I think any challenge will not be viable. In the end, CD-3 Dems will be united.

    As far as the GOP, that won’t be the case. Especially if Lonegan moves to Ocean and enters the race, and the other carpetbagger, the Mayor of Randolph Township Tom MacArthur, who is also considering a move to Ocean to jump into the foray.

  3. deciminyan

    The best way to help this dynamic, progressive candidate is to demonstrate a good start at fundraising, and contribute to her campaign before the quarter close-out on December 31. You can contribute at this link.

    The photo below is from her swearing-in as a Freeholder with then-Mayor Booker, Aimee’s husband Bill, and her two boys Tommy (L) and Liam.


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