Bridgegate – The Movie

The George Washington Bridge scandal will not go away. Things get weirder as we learn that David Wildstein, Christie’s man in the Port Authority who ordered the politically-motivated lane closures, had purchased Internet domains with the names of everyone from Barbara Buono’s running mate, Milly Silva, to the child of political pundit Julie Roginsky.

This is the kind of stuff that Hollywood dreams of. A scandal that potentially reaches the highest levels of power with plot twists that a fiction writer would deem as too weird to believe. So let’s speculate on the cast of the movie “Bridgegate.”

I’ve got John Goodman pegged as the actor who will play the role of Chris Christie. Do you agree? Who do you think will take the role of Bill Baroni? David Wildstein? Loretta Weinberg? Pat Foye? John Wisniewski? Barbara Buono?

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