The Star Ledger’s Selective Memory

Diary rescue from the weekend. Promoted by Rosi. What do you think, Blue Jersey?

Perhaps I am beating a dead horse, but yet again the Star Ledger editorial board makes it hard to resist just one more thwack. Today the editorial board supports paid sick leave as law in New Jersey and warns against the ALEC bill banning required paid sick leave. At least they got that right.

With confidence, the editorial board writes, “No lawmaker has proposed ALEC's sick-leave ban in New Jersey — and it is not likely the bill would get far if they did. Moreover, New Jersey voters on Election Day overwhelmingly supported raising the minimum wage…The pendulum is swinging towards workers' rights, not against them.”

Ah, the selective memory of the editorial board. Do they not recall, or do they just choose to ignore, as reported by their own Sal Rizzo that, 'A Star-Ledger investigation in April [2012] found some of Gov. Chris Christie's biggest legislative proposals and other measures sponsored by lawmakers closely resembled ALEC bills” and that the Christie administration has consulted with ALEC on more than one occasion.


Yes, the Governor they endorsed for re-election has mimicked ALEC bills in pursuing his agenda. Certainly we can hope that the editorial board is correct that the required sick leave ban would not gain traction with lawmakers. But we should not proceed with confidence, given the record of this Governor, that he might not try to introduce such a bill anyway as a means of gaining favor with those that he seeks support from for his next run.

And not for nothing, since when did the Star Ledger editorial board become concerned with workers' rights? Or is it all workers except teachers they believe deserve protection?

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  1. Marie Corfield

    …are more equal than others.

    The Star Ledger is going thru one heck of an identity crisis. Too bad the average reader doesn’t know it.


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