Thank you Senator Buono

For running a campaign with class and dignity.  Even as you were being betrayed by the Christiecrat bosses north and south.

For sticking to a progressive agenda.  Which bore fruit with the 61-39 win on the minimum wage vote.

For taking on what you must have known would be a no win assignment after the media swooning over Christie simply because he stood besides Obama on an inspection tour.  

You are a far better person than the DiVincenzos, Stacks, Norcorsses, Adubatos, and the other traitors who either officially, or unofficially, supported Christie.  And who sought to undermine your campaign with attacks like the party chair brouhaha.  And you are 100% the Democrat they are.

Your courage and dignity will not be forgotten by true Democrats.  And their betrayal will be long remembered.

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  1. firstamend07

    ….a nice woman who deserves a nice retirement….

  2. PNolkan


  3. DraftBuono2014

    Her Election Night speech was the best one she gave all year.  She finally found her voice.  I would love to see her become the leader of the democratic wing of the Democratic Party here in New Jersey and help us build an organization by running against Cory Booker in 2014.

    In addition to putting some real pressure on Booker to be something more than a shill for Wall Street, a Buono senatorial candidacy could help an Essex County Democrat like Dick Codey take on Joe D next year.

    It is also possible that Aimee Belgard could be pushed aside by the Norcross machine in favor of Herb Conaway or Troy Singleton in CD3.  Having Buono at the top of an opposition slate could help Belgard compete with whomever the bosses pick to run for that seat.


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