TGIF News Roundup & Open Thread for Nov. 22, 2013

President Obama orders flags to be flown at half staff

  • 50th Anniversary of JFK assassination.

    Why were the lanes closed on the GWB?

  • Assembly Transportation Committee is asking top Port Authority officials to show up at a hearing Monday.

    At the League

  • Gaudagno emerges from an undisclosed location to promise a fight on tax cuts.

  • PolitickerNJ sits down with Joe D, and he paints himself as a classy guy.

  • Officials concerned about ACA and public employee health benefits.

  • Roll the dice, baby: Newark plot lines and the would-be Rat Pack.

  • Lautenberg remembered.

    Menendez & Booker supported the change in filibuster

  • Menendez: “The abuse of rules and the unprecedented obstruction against this President by the other side have brought us here.”

    At RGA in Scottsdale, Christie invites George W. Bush to lunch

  • Christie owes his political career to Bush, so there’s a weird-ass kinda symmetry to this.


  • Your Christie Meme of the Week: 2016 is a long way away.

  • There’s a waiting list to see Christie in Vermont.

  • Christie lays out strategy to elect GOP governors.


  • Online gambling starts.

  • Lesniak: Let foreign gambling companies do business in NJ.

  • Lakewood funds homeless housing with $250K from emergency funds.

  • Worker asks Menlo Park Mall to ease up on Thanksgiving hours.

  • Homelessness down nationally, and in Bergen & Passaic.

  • NJ still undecided on extension for canceled health insurance policies .


  • NJ releases first results from pilot trials of teacher evaluation systems.

  • Paterson recipients of school grants show mixed results as Arne Duncan visits.

  • Newark district & charter schools in universal enrollment plan.


  • Fredda Sacharow has a nice piece in Rutgers Today about RU alumni whose lives changed when NJ got marriage equality. Features Jeff Gardner.

    JFK – 50 Years

  • In Kennedy’s death, a turning point for a nation already torn.

  • The 13 key frames of the Zapruder film.
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