QOTD: “A Scared Child” – Unless It’s In His Best Interest

Tom Kean Jr. is taking a beating publicly following Tuesday’s election results. Even though he seems to have survived as Senate Minority Leader for the Republicans, Senate Majority Leader and Blue Jersey friend Loretta Weinberg questioned where the fight he showed to keep his GOP title was when more important issues were on the table. Weinberg:

“Tom Kean was willing to stand up to the governor when it was in his personal best interest, but when it came to women’s health, abused children, background checks for guns and tax relief for seniors he hid like a scared child,” Weinberg said. “This only proves why New Jersey voters returned all 24 Democratic Senators to ensure Democratic control of the upper house.”

It’s a good point the Senator makes. Kean should be pushed to show the same spine and stand up to the Governor on many issues this coming cycle to see whether he’s really concerned about the people of New Jersey or his own legacy.

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  1. 12mileseastofTrenton

    Where was Lorreta Weinberg when the Christiecrats were ramming through pen/ben, NJN, etc.?  And she had no problem stepping over Barbara Buono when it was in her personal best interest.


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