Meet Aimee Belgard for Congress

This morning, Rep. Jon Runyan announced he would not seek re-election for his NJ-3 seat. This, after being hammered for weeks by the DCCC, which whatever else you may think about it, knows how to spot an opponent’s weakness.

Tomorrow, Aimee Belgard, Burlington County Freeholder, formally announces she’s running for Congress at the historic Alice Paul Institute.

Tuesday, the day Barbara Buono was defeated by an old boys network of deal-makers and personal opportunists, was the 141st anniversary of the first time Susan B. Anthony and other women voted for federal office. New Jersey has no women in its congressional delegation, and hasn’t for years. Meet Aimee Belgard.

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  1. JackHarris

    But great story and compelling candidate!  

  2. PNolkan

    She has to get DFA, Emily’s List, and Planned Parenthood endorsements now along with immediate fundraising.

    It will show strength and may deter other Dems from entering the race. This seat is winnable and a divisive primary, like the GOP may have, would be detrimental.  


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