Kean beats Christie! Gov losing ” mojo” already?

When have 10 Republicans ever stood up to Christie?

Christie got involved,backed O’Toole,  tried to get rid of Kean and he was soundly beaten.

Two days after his landslide and he is already losing influence in his own Party.

The GOP Senators stood up to him and beat him.

Will there be repercussions?  

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  1. firstamend07 (Post author)

    Make no mistake,this is an embarrassing loss for the Gov.

    Kean has now done an ” up yours” to the Gov.

    With no elections ,there is no fear!  

  2. firstamend07 (Post author)

    GOP getting gutsy??

    This from politickernj:

    State Sen. Sam Thompson (R-18), the chairman of the Middlesex County GOP, Sen. Chris Connors (R-11) and Sen. Bob Singer (R-30) all contributed to a lively caucus discussion with criticism of the governor’s re-election strategy.

    They questioned the bipartisan messaging coming out of the governor’s campaign, and cited that as a factor in Kean’s added burden.


  3. 12mileseastofTrenton

    It was a rare defeat for the “Uni-Government,” as The Record’s columnist Charlie Stile dubbed the bipartisan alliance of Christie, Sweeney, South Jersey powerbroker George Norcross, and Essex County Executive Joseph DiVincenzo that has run New Jersey for the past four years.

    . . . .

    Christie’s ham-fisted attempt to try to replace Kean with O’Toole came about because Christie and Sweeney were furious that Kean ignored Christie’s orders not to try to win seats south of Route 195. South Jersey is Sweeney-Norcross country, seven districts spanning seven counties where Democrats hold 18 out of 21 Senate and Assembly seats and effectively control the Legislature by voting as a bloc — which is fine with Christie.

    After all, the Sweeney-Norcross “Christie-crats” provided the muscle Christie needed in the Democratic-controlled Legislature to overhaul pensions and health benefits, cap government spending, and merge the state’s medical schools into Rutgers and Rowan universities — the bipartisanship Christie cited in his victory speech Tuesday night as a promise of hope for “a dispirited America” tired of Washington gridlock.

    Kudos to Diane Allen, a rare senator with integrity.


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