Because math.

Sen. Linda GreensteinWith the LD14 Senate race vote count at 31,386 votes for Linda Greenstein to Peter Inverso’s 29,903, former senator Inverso says he won’t seek a recount. So Greenstein’s whole ticket – including Assembly Dems Wayne DeAngelo and Dan Benson – in the hotly contested 14th prevail, with Greenstein winning the closest Senate contest in the Nov. 5th election.

“Let’s put it to rest and be done with it,” says Inverso.

Congratulations, Senator Greenstein. Hard-fought.

“Because math” is borrowed from the dead-accurate and funny Regan M.. No better way to put it.  

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  1. Marie Corfield

    Congratulations to Sen. Greenstein. So happy you will be representing LD14 in Trenton once again.


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