Why did the Governor cross the road?

-1About a dozen “chickens” have arrived at the Statehouse. With Chris Christie’s name on them. It’s a student protest from the kids at from TCNJ college students on behalf of kids from Trenton Central High School because their Governor is too chicken to ride down the street and face them for a frank talk about their school.

They call it the Tasty Chicken Brigade.

Trenton Central High School has black mold, and some of its ceilings are falling down. The walls are crumbling. And when the roof leaks, which is often, it sets off the fire alarms. This is where  the students go to school. Five days a week.

Barbara Buono has seen it; the stairwell students call “the waterfall,” the plywood that substitutes for solid flooring. And she’s called on the Governor to release SDA funds to take care of the situation. Numerous legislators – including Assembly members Reed Gusciora and Bonnie Watson Coleman and Sen. Shirley Turner – have tried to get Gov. Christie to come to the school and visit and talk to his constituents, the kids who go there and the educators who teach there.

IMG_9570Even the high school students have had to take to the streets to rally for their own health and well-being, saying they need to be their own advocates in the face of the state’s failure to help them.

But Christie is, essentially, ignoring all this, as he does his campaign bus victory laps talking to adoring Republicans about how great a job he says he did rebuilding after a hurricane.

Good for the students. My favorite sign is the “give a cluck” one, below the fold.




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  1. kfoster

    He is going to the party disguised as a Democrat.  

  2. ken bank

    She should have been there with those kids. At least she would have gotten some publicity, which she badly needs. I’m sure if these kids were protesting school conditions in Newark, Rick Shaftan would have made sure Steve Lonegan was there to call out Cory Booker, and he would have gotten lots of free publicity. That’s why Lonegan made it a semi-respectable ten point race instead of a thirty point blowout.

    Buono really “fumbled the ball” (pun intended) when she failed to capitalize on Shaq’s Christie endorsement. It was the perfect opportunity to get tons of free media and publicity by holding a rally at the TCHS athletic facilities along with gym teachers and high school coaches, and publicly call out Shaq to come to TCHS and see for himself how Christie’s cuts to public education have impacted student athletes.

    Buono’s biggest problem is that she is running her campaign like she is thirty points ahead instead of thirty points behind.  


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