What’s Happening Today, Tue. 10/08/2013

A big moment: The Buono/Christie gubernatorial debate is tonight at 7:00pm. It will be broadcast live on CBS 2 (NYC) and CBS 3 (Philadelphia) from William Paterson University, Wayne. In the two most recent polls Farleigh Dickinson (10/05/13) has Christie ahead by 33 points and Monmouth University (9/29/13) has Christie up by 19 points – a stunning difference in two polls taken so close to each other. Real Clear Politics’ average of the five most recent polls has Christie ahead by 26.4 points. Election Day is exactly four weeks away. Let’s hope Barbara Buono knocks the ball out of the ballpark tonight. It’s been a tough campaign for her with little help from fellow Democrats (especially Christiecrats) and a glib, obfuscating, and cocky Chris Christie to run against.

No news is bad news – day 8 of the shutdown: This morning Senate candidate Cory Booker will discuss the federal government shutdown and take on his opponent who has praised Republicans as having the “guts to hold the line” on their opposition to Obamacare. Lonegan on Tuesday at the Smithville Inn said, “I want them to keep government shut down till Oct. 16, because a win in New Jersey means Democrats will fold.” I don’t think so.

Democrat Cory Booker maintains a 45-29% lead over Republican opponent Steve Lonegan among registered voters, according to this morning’s Fairleigh Dickinson University PublicMind Poll.

Earlier this morning Sen. Barbara Buono was scheduled to appear on WBAI at 7:50am and WWRL at 8:05am to talk about Governor Christie’s failed economic record and outline her plan for lifting up the middle class. Christie’s economic record IS  a failure and that fact cannot be repeated too frequently – terrible unemployment, little new hiring, high foreclosures, insufficient assistance to Sandy victims, monies wasted to retain corporations in New Jersey, and increased property tax. No Jersey Comeback.

Public Schedules:

Buono/Silva gubernatorial campaign: 7:00pm, Buono and Christie face off at the debate.

Christie/Guadagno gubernatorial campaign: 10:45am, Christie greets Edison Diner patrons, Route 1, Edison; 12:15pm, visits his Middlesex County Victory Office, East Brunswick; 7:00pm, Buono and Christie face off in the debate; afterward he rallies supporters who attended a debate watch party, Wayne.  

U. S. Senate candidate Cory Booker: 8:30am, Breakfast reception, Upper Montclair Country Club, Clifton, RSVP: smaltzman@corybooker.com; afterward a news conference to discuss the federal government shutdown and Lonegan’s response to it, Bergen County Community Action Partnership Head Start, Cliffside Park.

NJ Supreme Court: A “probable Cause” Oral argument: State v. David M. Gibson (070910). “Under the circumstances of this case, was there probable cause to arrest defendant for defiant trespass and was defendant properly subject to a subsequent search at the police station?”

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