What’s Happening Today Tue. 10/01/2013

Breaking Bad: Congress used to pass budgets, which proved too difficult so it shifted to continuing resolutions (CR’s). Last night it could not even pass a CR so this morning is breaking bad. The TV show of the same name, with a chemistry teacher who became a meth cook kingpin, took many dark turns and ended this weekend on an almost uplifting note. No such luck for Americans from a congress where one group can threaten a government shutdown or a federal default if it does not get its way on some totally separate issue. The Republicans, hell-bent on destroying the American Care Act, stood together, including New Jersey’s Sen. Jeff Chiesa and all six Republican Representatives, as the pingpong-like game of shooting the bill back and forth continued. To add insult to injury, on a Dept of State and embassy security funding ammendment where the vote was 384 Aye to 37 Nay, Republican Rep. Scott Garret (CD 5) was the only member of our entire delegation to vote “Nay.”

Ironically the bill could have passed had House leadership presented a clean bill (just the CR) to its members, but those with presidential ambitions, Tea Party members, and fear of the Tea Party won the night. Spoiler alert for those who still plan to view the final T.V. episode of Breaking Bad. When Walter White dies, it is to the tune of Badfinger’s “Baby Blue”: “Guess I got what I deserved.” Apt for the Republicans, but in addition to the mayhem they have now brought us, they live on to bring us further dark turns and machinations as they work to resolve the shutdown and move toward the next debt ceiling crisis with a similar threat.

Breaking Good: The ACA enrollment starts today offering health insurance for the many New Jerseyans who are uninsured, expanding Medicaid, and providing subsidies. Another irony is that there was never any chance of hallting enrollment into Obamacare, as funds had already been dispensed to the states, it is a mandated program, and the President would have vetoed defunding or delaying tactics. Go to this federal website or call 1-800-318-2596 to find out more about our health exchange. Your Health – Your Choice. (Be aware there may be a slowdown and glitches as the enrollment rolls out.)

Public Schedule: (your opportunity to jeer or cheer)  

Buono/Siva gubernatotorial campaign: no public events.

Christie/Guadagno gubernatorial campaign: Chris Christie: 11:00am, Speech at Ramapo College regarding a campus construction project, Mahwah; 12:30pm, a campaign stop at a senior citizen picnic with “Democratic” Senator Brian Stack who endorsed Christie, Bella Vista Senior Apartments, Union City.

The always articulate Texas Gov. Rick Perry: 11:00am, endorses and joins Republican U.S. Senate nominee Steve Lonegan, town hall meeting about “Obamacare,” Smithville Inn, Smithville, and 1:30pm, Berkeley Township Recreation Center, Bayville, and finally 5:00pm, rally at the Bendix Diner, Hasbrouck Heights. Will Perry be able to remember the third location?

U.S. Senate Democratic nominee Cory Booker: 2:30pm, An invitation-only speech on how to make higher education more affordable, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Madison. One suggestion: insist that colleges live within their budget and end the exorbitant tuition increases, which do more harm than the outrageous loan programs.  

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