Today Could Be The Day

I’ve added this ominous photo, taken a few minutes ago in Hoboken by Carla Katz. Promoted by Rosi.

Hoboken - NJ Tornado Watch

As noted last week, the New Jersey National Guard is crippled thanks to the government shut down caused by the House GOP.  Almost a thousand of the men and women who work full time for the guard doing procurement, repairing weapons and vehicles, planning logistics, etc. were furloughed and as a result the part-time members of the guard are unable to drill.

But worse is that they may also be unable to respond in the event of a disaster.  If vehicles and equipment is not maintained, it logistics are not organized, we risk exacerbating the damage due to a storm.

And today we are under a tornado watch until 5 p.m.  If you’ve ever been involved with a tornado you know it can do amazing damage in no time, destroying infrastructure and buildings with no regard for what they are or who is in them.

Should we be hit with a rare NJ tornado — like the rare October snow in 2011 and the rare Sandy flooding and wind damage in 2012 — the brave men and women in the National Guard who are there for us in times of need may not be able to do their jobs.

Representatives Lance, LoBiondo and Runyan have all stated publicly they would vote for a clean continuing resolution.  It’s time for them to realize the real harm not doing so could do and sign the discharge petition that could end this all.

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