TGIF News Roundup & Open Thread for Oct. 25, 2013

Buono v. Christie

  • Christie campaign cash makes a blue Jersey map red; his fundraising totals far exceed Buono’s even in Dem strongholds.

  • Christie, Buono diametrically opposed on jobs & economy.

  • Polling the words NJ voters use to talk about Christie.

  • Mika Brzezinski fully buys the myth of Chris Christie ‘bipartisanship’.

    Kean v. Sweeney

  • Fight of the week.

    Frank Pallone: I will not yield to this monkey court.

  • Step #1: Pallone says “monkey court”. Step #2: Right-wing Twitterverse goes apeshit.

    Buono v. Christie

  • Frank Argote-Freyre of Latino Action Network sees both political opportunism and holes in Christie’s sudden ‘support’ for in-state tuition.
  • Buono criticizes Christie’s education policies, and the Ledger’s endorsement, at retired teachers event.


  • Al Doblin looks at Anne Patterson’s vote towards the NJ Supreme Court unanimous marriage decision and sees victory not only for gays, but for Christie.
  • Tobias Grace of Out in Jersey says marriage equality is ‘message of empowerment for the oppressed’ everywhere.


  • Baraka, Ramos, Jeffries, Sharif: Newark mayoral candidates spar in education forum.


  • Emergency closed-door meeting on employees funded by federal grant money.


  • Bayshore: The forgotten shore in Sandy rebuilding. “We feel ignored, neglected.”.

  • Fair Share Housing Center: Christie broke promise to poor, middle-income families in Sandy grants.

  • ACA website foul-ups stall NJ insurers’ plan for easier access.

  • NJ environmental groups slam state, federal response to Sandy.

    Ex-Assemblyman Albert Coutinho sentenced for theft

  • Sentenced to three years of probation after admitting to falsifying records and stealing funds from his family’s charitable foundation, ordered to pay restitution.
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      LoBiondo’s first real significant challenger in a long time.

    2. scarletbgonias

      Meet The 37 House Republicans Who Could Lose Their Jobs For Shutting Down The Government…


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