Saturday: Booker, Weinberg, Buono – Rally to Support the Minimum Wage Increase Ballot Initiative

Just four days before Cory Booker – mayor of a city where so many residents are working at minimum wage – is sworn in as a United States Senator, he will join Sen. Barbara Buono in his city to call NJ voters to the polls to vote in an increase in our minimum wage. He’ll be joined by NJ progressive, labor and local organizing leaders, some of the very best in the state.  

New Jersey voters overwhelmingly support raising the state’s minimum wage, as two polls last month show. Monmouth University/APP poll found 65% of sampled registered voters backed raising the minimum wage to $8.25, and tying future increases to the Consumer Price Index. Only 12% were opposed. Rutgers-Eagleton poll found voters support the ballot question by 76% to 22%. But poll support isn’t the same as solid votes for the ballot question in November. And the vote is the purpose of the rally.

Booker and Buono will be joined SEIU Executive Director and state Democratic party Vice Chair Lizette Delgado, Larry Hamm, leader of People’s Organization for Progress P.O.P., Blue Jersey’s own Loretta Weinberg, the Senate Majority Leader.

What:Pre-election Rally in Newark this Saturday

Support the Minimum Wage Increase Ballot Initiative


When: Saturday, October 26th,  3-5 PM

Where:Washington Park in Newark

547 Broad Street, at intersection of Broad & Washington Streets,near the Public Library and Newark Museum

More info? or 201-306-4016.

Register here

At the rally, musical entertainment, elected officials supporting hard-working people, and info for voters. A host of good groups are sponsoring, including Planned Parenthood Action Fund, People’s Organization for Progress, Blue Wave, NJ Council of SEIU, NJ Citizen Action, Montclair NAACP, Local 194 IFPTE AFL-CIO, NJ State Industrial Union Council, HPAE, New Jersey Time to Care Coalition,

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  1. ken bank

    It won’t mean a thing, either in the poll numbers or the election results. You know what really matters to most voters, even in Newark? Stuff like this. And this.In fact, I’ll bet Christie gets more votes out of Democratic wards in Newark than any Republican in history.


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