Nov 6th – Day After-Heres Whats Next

1) Joe D. – will be having a hard fought Convention fight against either one or two Progressives who may have a good shot of knocking him off.

2) Newark Mayor election – look for Fulop to make a play with someone.

3) 5th Dist.  – Longtime Teaneck Community Activisit Jason P. Castle will make another play against Tea Party Earnest Scott Garrett. Also Liberal Hackensack (Lynn Hurwitz Wing) Democrat Roy Cho will also spend 6-figures looking to defeat Farmer Garrett.

4) Bergen Executive – Look for Sen. Pauly Sarlo from Wood-Ridge to make a pitch and also Assemblyman Gordon Johnson and maybe even fellow Progressive State Sen. Democratiic Leader Lorretta Wineberg to run, since she ran before for the spot.. With current GOP Exe. Donovan (found with underage drugged out girls and drugs/alcohol in her home by cops), Donovan is not going to win any GOP convention or primary.,, Its Dems for the taking.

5) John Ruyon – look for a handful of fellow Progressives to take him out. He is the most likely GOP, besides Garrett to lose.

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