News Roundup & Open Thread for Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2013

Booker v. Lonegan – TOMORROW

  • Q-poll says Booker is up 14.

  • Rutgers-Eagleton Poll says Booker is up 22.

  • The Sky is Falling!!! The Sky is .. Oh, Wait. Never Mind.

  • Booker-Lonegan election Wednesday; could be national referendum on politics.

  • Cory Booker – bio & on the issues.

  • Steve Lonegan – bio & on the issues.

  • Booker draws line from shutdown, to firefighters facing layoffs, to Lonegan.

  • POTUS does video for Booker.

  • In the Annals of “Not Getting It” We Give You, STEVE LONEGAN.

    Don’t you be worrying about Steve Lonegan’s man Rick Shaftan. He’s still got Nick Sacco.

  • Sacco’s “loyal” to Rick Shaftan? Where’s his loyalty to women he represents? Gay people? The Democrat running for Senate tomorrow?


  • Hackensack’s civilian police director – once a local cop – illustrates perfectly the argument for a national fingerprinting system for gun buys.

    PPP Survey Says Runyan Approval Under Water

  • He should be vulnerable.

    Buono v. Christie

  • 2nd & final gubernatorial debate is tonight.

  • New endorsements.

  • Buono: ‘I am the American dream’.

  • Monmouth poll pegs Christie 24 points up.

    Chris Christie – on the wrong side of history

  • New York Times editorial: No reason to wait on marriage in NJ.

    Legislative races

  • In 3rd district, GOP hopes to trip up Sweeney on Christie’s coattails.

  • Battleground races: LD 14, where unions hold clout.


  • Maybe the East Rutherford Council members can help the American Dream boondoggle.
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