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R’s want to blame me (the incumbent) for being a tax and spend democrat (their words, not mine). So I can give them credit for being correct (yes, I re-invest in my town) but disingenuous for quoting national party buzzwords.

Should I be concerned?  

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  1. nathanrudy

    we tried very hard to be frugal and keep tax rates low.  Our first year we went up one point, our second year we dropped a half point, and my third year we were flat.

    When I ran for reelection we were slammed for raising taxes.  Eviscerated for it.  We won anyway.

    The thing is most voters already think you’re a tax and spend liberal from Kenya, and have figured it in to their voting.  If they are amenable to voting for you despite all this the GOP can slam you for it all they want and it won’t matter because the voters already buy it.

    It’s like the stock market.  Before employment numbers or fed actions or whatever are released investors have already factored in what they think will happen, so if the announcement matches expectations the market doesn’t move.  If there is a surprise, the market jumps or drops.

    In your case, there is no surprise.  You have raised taxes, the voters expected you to do so when they elected you, so it’s not going to change the results.

    The lesson I learned was that we should have increased our revenue to match what we wanted to get done because after three years of essentially flat taxes we didn’t have a cushion to match changing externalities, and the only way to make up for it was a rapid rise that really pissed people off.  I don’t mean we should have just jacked taxes willy nilly (especially since we’re residents and would have to pay them) but that it’s irresponsible not to match inflation and expenses at the least.

    Taxes should go up a few points every year, because you need to be able to INVEST in your town.  Milk goes up, gas goes up, insurance goes up — taxes go up.


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