Legislature Elections/Any Upsets ???

I have not heard of any upsets brewing in any of the State senate races.

Van Drew is doing well and still working hard.

Whelan has kept his opponent on the defensive and seems to have the trust of the voters.

Sweeney will destroy his ethically challenged candidate .

Greenstein looks to be fighting hard and holding off the burnt out  Inverso challenge.

The Assembly races in the 1st District will be close but the Democrats have used the constant “negative, never positive” tactic against the opposition and the voters are listening.

The 3nd District Riley race might be the tightest but a big push over the next 4 weeks will probably keep her in office.

The 2nd District has some good Assembly Democrats running but ,outside of Whelan, the GOP has an advantage here.

I hear that there is some GOP traction in the 14th District . That public sector worker Distict has to get busy!

Anyone hear anything different?

What is going on up North??  


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