In the Annals of “Not Getting It” We Give You, STEVE LONEGAN

Rick Shaftan got (and deserved) the same treatment. You can read that here. Promoted by Rosi

So yesterday we wrote about how clueless Rick Shaftan was in apologizing to Steve Lonegan and his supporters, but ignoring the more than half of humanity his senseless and infantile comments.

Now we’ve got Steve Lonegan demonstrating is own obtuse inability to grasp reality, somehow believing that a reporter calling a potential source is somehow improper.

As for Shaftan’s fate,  “There is no such thing as off the record with a reporter, I learned that in college,” said the Republican nominee. “This guy calls him up – a very creepy thing to catch him like that – but it was a stupid thing (for Shaftan) to do.”

Heh.  Creepy!  So Shaftan is a communications specialist who posts his opinions all over Facebook and sends out e-mails and talks to anyone out there about the “radical left wing” Cory Booker, and so when a reporter calls him up to talk about these things it’s “creepy.”

Next thing you know some “disgusting” voter will ask a question of a candidate, a “sinister” election board worker will count provisional ballots, or an “eerie” news anchor will introduce a video of Steve Lonegan campaigning.

It’s “terrifying” that people might do what’s expected, at least it is when you’re not getting it.

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  1. keepitreal

    Unlike Democratic Hudson County Party Boss Nick Sacco.


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