Honor Flight veterans storm the shutdown World War II Memorial

Iowa Honor Flight vets enter shutdown World War II Memorial

I’m following the tweets of @LeoShane, D.C. reporter for Stars and Stripes military news. He is reporting that within the hour, Mississippi honor flight veterans knocked over the barriers to Washington D.C.’s World War II Memorial, placed there to close it during government shutdown. And they walked – and wheelchaired – inside, to thunderous applause. The vets have taken control of the Monument. Then the Iowa vets showed up too. The Park Police were called. And politicians started to show up. Nobody would dare to kick out these vets, not right now. Damn the shutdown, they want to get to their state’s tower, like the one for New Jersey below.

New Jersey Monument at World War II MemorialI know honor flight, because in July my beloved volunteered with an honor flight group of several busloads of WWII vets from all over New Jersey. He was a one-on-one assistant assigned to a 91-year-old Army vet of the European theater. He did that in honor of both our fathers, veterans of the same war. And it was one of the best and most sacred days of his life. From his stories of the determination of these aging but determined group of Jersey vets, I can totally believe no government shutdown orange barriers stopped them getting in.

Want to be moved? Help make an honor flight possible.  

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