Faces of Equality

As I’ve been covering the marriage equality struggle for Blue Jersey over the last few years, I’ve had the privilege of meeting many of the hard-working folks who have seen their efforts come to fruition today. Some of them are in the photo, below. Whether I have a photo of you or not, you have all been an inspiration to me. Observing the workings in the halls of Trenton (or Washington) can make a person cynical of politics, but our victory today makes it all worthwhile. Your strength and perseverance is uplifting to me.

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  1. Jeff Gardner

    And thanks to so many many many more people, not pictured, without whom today would not have been possible.

  2. Jay Lassiter

    what a great day for our State!

  3. Hetty Rosenstein

    I love the pics.  What a great day.  Special notice is owed to Blue Jersey that has been on this issue from day one and that called out every D as well as R who doesn’t support equality.


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