Chris Christie 2013, Meet Chris Christie 2010

Yesterday, at a hunger forum in Red Bank, Gov. Chris Christie said he had the solution for the shutdown stalemate. The solution? Himself.

Christie 2013: “My approach would be to call in the (House and Senate) leaders and say we’re not going to leave this room until it’s done,” he said. “We lock people in a room. …You can come to an agreement or you can sit here and look at me until you agree.”

Now, that’s some fancypants posturing from a guy who’s helping lead the GOP, the party of temper tantrum and fiscal irresponsibility that got us into the shutdown. Christie can’t even bring himself to blame his own party’s crazies for their crazy. He blames Obama.

But, wait. Haven’t we been here before? Remember 2010 when Gov. Christie blocked the Democrats’ millionaire’s tax and that stalemate might have led to NJ government shutdown? Did the cocksure governor go into leader mode then? Not so much. This is Christie then:

Christie 2010: “I said: ‘Listen, you can close down the government if you want, but if you do it, don’t think I’m moving some cot into the governor’s office,'” he said in Williamsport, where he was helping out Pennsylvania Republicans. “I’m going to get in those black suburbans, I’m going to go back to the governor’s residence, I’m going to go upstairs, I’m going to order a pizza, I’m going to open a beer, and I’m going to watch the Mets.”

“Because I’m the boss. I’m in charge”: It’s not just Christie’s party, and the tantruming toddlers who are holding the rest of us hostage. It gets closer to home for Chris Christie. He appointed U.S. Senator Jeff Chiesa. And Chiesa has opposed the spending bills that funded the ACA. And it’s the ACA – and the idea of the federal government helping people access health care – they found so repugnant (go, Obamacare) they shut everything down. But wait, now, Chiesa’s just a regular Republican, right? Not one of those crazy Tea Party people who are going to cost us billions with their foolish shutdown? Well, maybe. But Christie’s out campaigning for one of those Tea Party crazies for U.S, Senator right now.

Hello, Steve Lonegan.  

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  1. MediaBob

    The Mets were playing in 2010 during the state crisis.  Right now the Mets have finished their season, so Christie doesn’t have any games to watch.

    Except Cowboys, and they’re doing pretty badly.


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