A Stunning Endorsement

I awoke this morning to read the Star Ledger's endorsement of Chris Christie for Governor. Not a surprise. I was tempted not to read it as it was so expected. But I did, and what I read was stunning.  In fact, I went back to the link to make sure I had not fallen for another piece of satire from The Onion.

My overall impression is that the Star Ledger Editorial Board has an unhealthy high school crush on the boy who is just out of reach – a sitting Governor who has refused to meet with them for 4 years.  

They acknowledge many of his failures and shortcomings – increasing property taxes, neglecting the working class, damaging environmental policy, raiding funds to balance the budget,  damaging ego (even if is sometimes entertaining), exageerrating efficacy of Sandy aid and recovery, and explicit willingness to destroy the independence of the judiciary, to name a few.  

In their own words, “Our own view is that Christie is overrated.  His spin is way ahead of his substance.”

But the Star Ledger Board endorses him anyway.  Why? Because Barbara Buono (and her Democratic party) is 'deeply flawed' in their words.  But in their own description, Chris Christie is not?  

The Star Ledger Board agrees with her on the issues, but cannot see their way to endorse her because when she did sit with them, she not 'wow' them.  And they are concerned, perhaps with justification, that she can govern effectively given the fissures within her own party.

I am not sure whether this endorsment is outrageous or pathetic.  What I do know is that for all the flaws pointed out in the two candidates, I prefer to cast my vote for the candidate who is right on the issues, who we can support to govern effectivley rather than one hell-bent on destroying the middle class and the best parts of New Jersey for his own ego and political aspirations.

I leave the high school crush of the popular and obnixious guy to the Star Ledger Board, and I choose to support the candidate of substance and character.  This is an election for Governor of a state, not an adolescent popularity contest.

The Star Ledger Editorial Board should be embarassed at best, but more likely ashamed of itself. 

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