Why is Terry McAuliffe helping Booker and not Buono? Tell Booker to do more for Buono NOW OR ELSE!

On numerous occasions here recently, I have commented in diaries where both the author and other commenters have complained about the lack of support that our state’s Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Barbara Buono, has received from high profile Democrats like President Barack Obama, former President Bill Clinton, and former Senator and Secretary of State (the latter title may prevent her from actively participating in partisan politics), Hillary Clinton.

I have placed the most of the blame for this lack of support on the gubernatorial ambitions of close Clinton friend and former DNC Chairman, Terry McAuliffe.  McAuliffe (and the Clintons) wants all of the attention and money focused on his race against VA Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and as little as possible, if any, on Buono in her uphill battle to defeat Chris Christie, who Bill Clinton, interestingly enough, brought in to speak at a Clinton Global Initiative event recently.  Other Clinton allies, like Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, have been overtly encouraging their donors to contribute to Christie instead of Buono.

The latest proof that the Clintons and McAuliffe are actively undermining Buono’s candidacy is a PolitickerNJ.com report that McAuliffe lent his name to a low-dollar fundraising e-mail on behalf of our state’s very well-funded Democratic senatorial candidate, Newark Mayor Cory Booker.

Newark Mayor Cory Booker today enlisted former Democratic National Chairman and current Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe to aid in his fundraising efforts.

Clearly, the Clintons and McAuliffe have no qualms about helping Booker, whose race will be over several weeks before voters in New Jersey and Virginia go to the polls to elect or re-elect their state’s Chief Executive and who will most likely be in a position to return the favor once he is in Washington and in close proximity to critical Northern Virginian swing voters.

However, if the Clintons and McAuliffe really want to earn a chit with Booker, he should be asking them to help a candidate like Buono, who could actually benefit from their support, than himself, who is most likely going to defeat his Republican opponent, Steven Lonegan, by a double-digit if not 20 point margin.  In fact, Buono supporters here at Blue Jersey and elsewhere should be demanding that Booker stand up for his fellow New Jersey Democrat, who to date has been royally screwed over by both national and state Democrats in every way imaginable.  The McAuliffe e-mail simply adds insult to injury.

The basic premise behind my efforts to get liberal Democratsto vote for Steven Lonegan instead of Cory Booker OR to trade a vote for Lonegan in October with a conservative Republican who would vote for Buono in November is that center-right Democrats like Cory Booker, the Clintons, Terry McAuliffe, and Barack Obama do far more damage to the Democratic Party than someone like Steven Lonegan could ever hope to do to our country during the year-plus that he would be auditioning for a job as a Faux News talking head and embarrassing our state as its junior Senator.

I believe that the McAuliffe e-mail for Booker further strengthens this argument.  I would like to ask that Buono supporters seriously consider these arguments and join me in making an ultimatum to Cory Booker that he take a leadership role in our effort to publicly request that the Clintons and President Obama come to New Jersey on behalf of Barbara Buono and wholeheartedly support her gubernatorial campaign in every way imaginable OR we start looking for conservative Republicans, who are just as bothered by Christie and his Obama bromance as liberal Democrats are by Booker and his center-right positions on our issues of concern that have been bought and paid for by Silicon Valley and Wall Street, with whom we can trade our votes in the October special senatorial election for their votes in the November regular gubernatorial election.

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  1. vmars

    I didn’t read past the title, because we have no impact on McAuliffe at all.  

    It’s as silly as your voting for Lonegan idea.


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