What’s up with Quinnipiac?

The latest Quinnipic polls show Lonegan 12 points behind Booker and Buono is 34 points behind Christie. Rather embarrassing to say the least, especially for Buono. OTOH, other polls show Lonegan down by alot more than 12, and Buono down by alot less.

Looks to me like Quinnipiac is using a sample that favors the GOP, especially Tea Party candidates like Steve Lonegan. One might think that Teahadist Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll was conducting this poll instead of his father Maurice Carroll who is director of Quinnipiac polling.

So how does this compare with previous races? Has Quinnipiac traditionally favored the GOP? How accurate were they last year in the presidential and senate races? Might be interesting to find out. Have the Booker and Buono campaigns issued statements about these poll results?

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  1. 12mileseastofTrenton

    Which skews the sample Republican.

  2. Momotombo

    Buono’s campaign issuing a statement on this would require a certain, well, something they seem to lack in aggressive and coordinated tactics…..

    Booker has already won in his mind. No poll could convince him otherwise.  


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