Separate, But Not Equal

On September 4 2013, I, Terry Agee, a Senior Political Science major at RU-Newark was informed by RU-New Brunswick by an email that had stated I would would not be awarded financial aid for the 2013-2014 term. Moreover, it had accused me of accumulating too many credits for a Rutgers’ Undergraduate Degree. Well, the notice was grossly incorrect. For the record, I am 23 credits below RU-New Brunswick’s 180 degree credits policy. Nevertheless, I was told to submit an “Academic Plan” from my Academic Adviser for a one-time consideration dealing with this financial matter.

Be that as it may, this financial aid snafu clearly demonstrates the disconnect between RU-New Brunswick and RU-Newark. So, I propose to remedy this alienation by powers beyond RU-Newark with a petition to Governor Christie demanding the immediate full autonomy of RU-Newark from RU-New Brunswick. What is good for RU-New Brunswick in not good for RU-Newark!

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