Quote of the Day: Seaside Heights Edition

Here’s Governor Christie as quoted on page 6 of today’s Star Ledger, referring to firefighters who battled this week’s tragic blaze at Seaside Heights:

“That’s the ingenuity and the bravery of the firefighters. And let me tell you, they took a beating there physically, fighting that fire back at Lincoln Avenue. But they held it off and they deserve great credit for that.”

Yes, they do deserve great credit! However, these same brave first responders also deserve the unfettered, unencumbered right to come to the bargaining table without accusations of greed, selfishness, or being overpaid.

Meanwhile, the governor himself referred to the scene of the fire as a “backdrop” for his briefing. So in the spirit of that little nugget, here’s a bonus quote:

“Language matters, ladies and gentlemen. Language is a window into attitude.” – Governor Chris Christie

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  1. rubybegone

    to look for union support ,especially since most were volunteer non-union firefighters  


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