NJDSC releases a web ad making light of Steve Lonegan’s ‘obsession’ with Cory Booker

The New Jersey Democratic State Committee has a new communications director – Matt Farrauto. Today, DSC released a new web ad that makes fun of the mileage Koch brothers-fueled Steve Lonegan is getting by mentioning Cory Booker’s name – a lot – as he goes around the state (and quite a lot in Newark). The conclusion? A laundry list of the things Lonegan’s actually about, which wouldn’t fly in most places in New Jersey.

What do you think, Blue Jersey?

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  1. ken bank
  2. DSWright

    You could do this same video with any candidate of either party in any head to head political race.

  3. Jay Lassiter

    hopefully it want’s too expensive to produce.  


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