NJ United for Marriage challenges John Tomicki to a debate

NJ United for Marriage wants to debate equality opponent John Tomicki. In public. Right out in front of everybody. Want to see that happen?

Longtime advocates are used to seeing Tomicki pop up everywhere where progress might be made on gay rights, to get in the way of it if at all possible.

At Blue Jersey, we used to call Tomicki Chicken Little. Because you know, if you let teh gays catch up with teh regulars, the earth shifts on its axis – and not in a good way – the skies fall and and marriages of God-fearing folks he thinks he reps will come to harm. (But not, it turns out, his marriage). It’s not just about getting hitched, Tomicki’s also pretty much the last person on Earth who still believes it’s a good idea to take gay kids and try humiliating and torturing the gay right out.

But, I digress. Tomicki has been around a long time. Who better to debate? Who knows the arguments better than him? President of the Black Robe Regiment of New Jersey (who must now “arise and awaken” to oppose separation of church and state), and the ED of the League of American Families (because putting Families in your name authorizes you to determine what’s normal). He’s a fixture of the other side and knows all the arguments. He’s made them for years.

So. Mike Premo (whose Q&A with Blue Jersey we’ll post Friday) is challenging John Tomicki to a debate. Moderator, and location, neutral. To fufill that requirement, Premo’s suggesting a debate hosted by NJTV, and moderated by journalist Michael Aron or Mike Schneider.

All joking aside, this should happen.  

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  1. denniscmcgrath

    Frankly I’m loathe to give the little wart a platform.

    NJUM presumably knows what it’s doing, but I wouldn’t go there.

  2. denniscmcgrath

    Tomicki is incapable of conversation. I’ve seen him up close in action – in fact, I had to shout him down outside the justice complex in Trenton when he commandeered news crews and just kept going on about how the loss his side had just suffered really wasn’t. (memory fails me at the moment – it was a court decision but which one I’m not sure now). If I hadn’t been rude as hell he’d still be out there bloviating.

  3. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

    I want them to talk as much as possible. And in public forums against reasonable people. I want people to see how ignorant, simple, homophobic and mean they are. Bring. It. On.

  4. Mike Premo

    We’re looking forward to it!

  5. deciminyan

    I’m a little uncomfortable with this idea. Would Martin Luther King have debated Strom Thurmond on civil rights? Giving Tomicki a platform with a seasoned interviewer like Schneider lends legitimacy to Tomicki’s bigotry.

  6. deciminyan

    From the Blue Jersey archives: Tomicki’s testimony to the Assembly Judiciary Committee on February 2, 2012, where he compares himself to Martin Luther King, Jr, and Julian Bond.

  7. Liberals_4_Lonegan

    Does anybody actually watch NJTV?

    If something like this is going to happen and it is going to happen on TV, why not think big and get Faux News and MSNBC to co-broadcast, each with their own chosen moderator?  I would be fine with Rachel Maddow and Laura Ingrahan or Lawrence O’Donnell and Bill O’Reilly.

    Comedy Central could also make this interesting.  I know that Dennis Miller is not one of their people anymore, but he and Jon Stewart could moderate this quite well.

    Or why not cut the mainstream media out of it completely?  Get deciminyan to videotape it at a neutral location, invite Dan Savage and Michael Savage to moderate (they would make this a lot of fun), and broadcast it on Blue Jersey.  I would imagine that this video would have more than enough stakeholders on both sides for it to go viral pretty quickly.


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