Election Point spread: Booker – 17 ; Christie -20

The ” official ” point spread has been posted.

Will Booker win by more than 17 ,or do you take the 17 with Lonegan?

Will Christie win by more than 20 or do you take  Buono with the 20?

The ” book” is open!  

Comments (2)

  1. 12mileseastofTrenton

    I’m tempted to take the over in both but I’ll hold off for now.

  2. Liberals_4_Lonegan

    I prefer odds over points, particularly on a parlay play like my longshot picks, Buono and Lonegan.

    I think that should be good for 100-1 odds at the very least?  Who will take that bet?

    Am I the only person who would make a deal with the devil (Lonegan) for a Buono victory?

    A year-plus of Lonegan is a small price to pay for four-to-eight years of Buono as Governor, especially since as Governor, she would be able to marginalize the Christiecrats.

    As Governor, she would have the power to turn back time and make Dick Codey Senate President and Bonnie Watson Coleman the Assembly Speaker that she was supposed to be.

    Yes, having Lonegan as our Senator for a year-plus would be the ultimate embarrassment for our state, but it would be a bargain basement price for a functioning state government and the last best hope for the future of the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party.

    If Booker wins in October, there won’t be a Democratic wing of the Democratic Party by the time Booker runs for President in 2024.  Elizabeth Warren probably won’t even bother running for re-election in 2018 once Booker comes to Washington and holds a fire sale for the party’s soul and Wall Street buys up everything for ten cents on the dollar.


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