Deval Patrick in Willingboro

Cory Booker surrogate, Governor Deval Patrick of Massachusetts is making the rounds in the Garden State today. His first stop this morning was the Willingboro Senior Center – a South Jersey venue that Booker has appeared at regularly.

Despite the fact that Patrick was unable to generate the electric excitement that Booker excels at, the governor was well received by a friendly audience.

To me, as a progressive, Patrick’s paean to Booker’s support of public education rang hollow, but that wasn’t the main theme of his remarks. The thrust of Patrick’s remarks was a direct counterpoint to Steve Lonegan’s comments about someone who is diagnosed with cancer (“that’s your problem, not mine.”) The Massachusetts governor emphasized that we are all in a community, and by helping each other we help ourselves.

Booker is not a perfect candidate. We had a chance to elect a true progressive in the Primary, but we didn’t. But change does not happen overnight. The right wing has been working for decades to dismantle government and subjugate the middle class, and their efforts are just beginning to pay off now. If we wish to have successful Progressive candidates moving forward, we need to continuously work the system. Bitching and moaning outside the system is fruitless.

As I wrote in a previous diary, and despite what other BLoggers may have to say here, it is better to elect Booker than to sit out this election. A Lonegan victory in a blue state would be a disaster for us and the nation.

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  1. PNolkan

    I supported Pallone, but would have been equally as thrilled if Holt had won. I now support Booker. Albeit I don’t know where he stands on fracking and the Keystone Pipeline. His coziness with Wall Street is “nauseating”. I don’t agree with his stance on public education and his mission for charter schools in Newark.  I watched the video, I think Patrick missed the mark in this area.

    One Ted Cruz in the Senate is one too many, we don’t need another. And that’s what we would happen if the ignorant, bloviate Lonegan wins.

  2. ken bank

    When compared to Steve Lonegan.

  3. Galton

    We can’t afford to let “Democrats” like Joe DiVencenzo, Brian Stack, George Norcross and Cory Booker control the progressive agenda.

    Save the Democratic Party in NJ: Vote for LONEGAN !


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