Christie backs away from Steve Lonegan & Rand Paul

About 45 minutes ago, Gov. Christie’s press staff sent an email to reporters (including us) entitled: Governor Christie: This Is No Choice For Me  . There was a big splashy header – State of New Jersey Office of the Governor – plus a YouTube video, and a big photo of the Governor that was about 6 times the size of the message. Which was about why Chris Christie is beating it outta town just as Rand Paul (with whom he is struggling over the future of the GOP), who is coming in for his own candidate, Steve Lonegan, the former product and wholly-owned subsidiary of the Koch Brothers.

Now, this morning I did pose the question that Christie would find a reason to avoid Rand Paul and the Lonegan campaign this weekend. And we’re always interested in when and why the Governor leaves the state, as he so often does.

The governor doesn’t bother to give anyone notice – the press, his staff, the public, or apparently even the LG – when he does things like leave New Jersey to have surgery under general anesthetic. But the question is why does the Gov now use the vast communications system at his disposal – press conference, email lists, YouTube account, and staff time – for what is essentially a campaign message? Shame on him. Might as well show you the video. You paid for it.

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  1. toaonua

    Thanks for sharing this. This is the most ridiculous, wasteful use of state resources possible. How long is this going to continue at taxpayer expense? I’m surprised some NGO hasn’t sued state yet to get it stopped.


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