Where Is Obama? Not With Barbara.

He’s 58 miles from the NJ border, an hour drive from Mantague, NJ.

President Barack Obama is with Vice President Joe Biden in Scranton, PA, the town Biden grew up in.  

Meanwhile last week the President endorsed Corey Booker, and last May he hung out with Chris Christie at the NJ Shore, and before that he endorsed Jeremiah Healy for Mayor of jersey City.  So he’s not afraid to get involved with NJ electoral politics.

But he is not coming to New Jersey to hang with Barbara Buono, or to endorse her for Governor.  Not with an e-mail, not with a visit, not with a telegraph, not even with a wink and a nod.


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  1. firstamend07

    One visit by Hillary takes another 5 points off the poll numbers.

    I am sick and tired about hearing all this ” sister ” crap .

    Hey Hillary,put up or shut up about female candidates.


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