What’s Happening Today Thu. 08/22/2013

Lt. Gov.and candidate Kim Guadagno: She began her official schedule this morning in Teaneck with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the grand opening of a food market attended by a handful of the general public. With staff members and security there in advance, she arrived on time in an SUV. Like other ribbon-cutting events, she talked with the management and staff and had a few words afterward. She and Democratic Lt. gubernatorial candidate Milly Silva are required to hold a public debate. A staff member of hers  said no date has yet been selected. Assemblyman Gordon Johnson (D-37) who represents Teaneck was at the event. The Assembly is in recess, but as of now he said that September 9 is the date for the next scheduled Assembly session.

What Barbara Buono is saying:

  •  “By vetoing these commonsense measures to reduce gun violence, Governor Christie chose the NRA and the conservative base of the Republican Party above the families here in New Jersey.” (08/21/2013)

  •  “Just like Tea Party extremist Steve Lonegan, Governor Christie is anti-choice, anti-Planned Parenthood, anti-marriage equality, and anti-commonsense legislation to reduce gun violence. Their unabashedly conservative views are completely out-of-touch with most New Jerseyans. The Christie-Lonegan platform of yesteryear has no place in New Jersey.” (08/21/2013)

    Public Schedule:

    Governor and gubernatorial candidate Chris Christie: 4:00pm, greets employees and makes a campaign announcement, Carlo’s Bakery, Hoboken.

    Lt. Gov.and candidate Kim Guadagno: 8:30am, grand opening of Cedar Market, Teaneck; 10:00am: visits JPR Cycles, Lyndhurst; 4:00pm, grand opening of the Icona Hotel, Cape May County’s Diamond Beach.

    Buono/Silva Gubernatorial Capaign: Democratic gubernatorial candidate Barbara Buono and Lt. gubernatorial candidate Milly Silva: 9:00am, Univision Radio Interview, WADO 1280 AM; Democratic gubernatorial candidate Barbara Buono: 1:30pm, Tent City Tour, Lakewood’s Tent City, 489-499 Cedarbridge Ave., Lakewood Township; 6:00pm Lt. gubernatorial candidate Milly Silva: LUPE Fund Summer Networking Social, Spanish Pavillion, 31 Harrison Ave., Harrison.

    U.S. Senate candidate Cory Booker: 2:00pm delivers a speech about the choice in the October special election, Forem Facility Management Distribution Center, Newark.

    Senate candidate Steve Lonegan: 10:20am, Geraldo Rivera live interview, 77 WABC.

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    1. Nick Lento

      …wish there was a way to get the  info a day or two ahead of time……the campaigns should be more forthcoming.  

      I can understand why Republican Con Man Christie wants to run a stealthy minimalist campaign that doesn’t really invite the general public…..his agenda succeeds best in the dark.

      It is to the advantage of Barbara Buono to have more folks more aware sooner of where her campaign will be.  A progressive agenda is most powerful when it is advanced in the full light of day!

      Let the sun shine in!

    2. Bill Orr (Post author)

      For Buono/Silva, we typically get their schedule the afternoon or evening before. It’s difficult to get info any earlier. Some send their schedules out early the same morning. Several (including Christie) send out very little and rely on contacting their troops to be at a specific event and thus reduce the likelihood of their being opposing voices. I agree: “Let the sun shine in!”

      Any other suggestions or tips for this column are welcome.  


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