What’s Happening Today Friday 08/09/2013

Gun Legislation Some today might be celebrating the fact that Governor Christie signed into law the tamest and least controversial bills before him including one prohibiting the public release of the identities of firearms purchaser ID card holders, and another that would disqualify individuals named on the federal Terrorist Watchlist from obtaining firearms in New Jersey. However, there are are a slew of other gun bills on his desk which he could have signed by now if he liked them. Ergo, don’t be optimistic about him penning many of them into law. His deadline to veto bills extends to 45 days or until the day the legislature is back in session. As legislators are not in session now, Christie can take his time to let us know why most gun legislation displeases him.  

Stronger than the Storm ad continues to create chatter. The State selected an ad company that charged $2million more than the low bidder. The difference was that the more more expensive option would include Christie in the commercial. NJ Workers Voices says “For many of the Shore’s workers and business owners, spending that money on commercials pro­moting Gov. Christie, rather than local communities and attractions, adds insult to the injuries Sandy in­flicted.” Sen. Barbara Buono has been pressing the issue. On this matter is Christie Teflon or jello?

Senators Bob Gordon (D-38) and Jim Whelan (D-2) are now among the pleased legislators whose bills were just signed into law by the governor. Whelan’s bill provides relief for homeowners from local land use restrictions if they are required by FEMA to raise their homes. Gordon’s two bills are a property tax savings measure allowing for shared purchases of fire equipment, and a requirement for the state to develop a plan for the prevention and management of diabetes.  Both of these Senators are being targeted for elimination by Republican operatives. Volunteer to help if you can.

Cory Booker and Mark Leibovich: This Town. – Both Booker and This Town, about the city where Booker hopes to take up residence, are topics of ongoing discussion these days. The book, like a good roast, aims dark, humorous barbs at Washington and its critters of all political, lobbying, and journalistic persuasions. In one vignette Leibovich reminds us that during the 2012 Presidential election “Newark Mayor Cory Booker went on Meet The Press and said that the Obama campaign’s attack on Romney’s work in the private equity sector was ‘nauseating to the American public.’ (This would be the industry that Booker had relied on for a great deal of cash, so apparently it was nauseating to Booker too.) … The Obama people got to the mayor and his nausea cleared promptly.” There is a lot of wicked fun in this book, and Booker comes off better than most.

Public Schedules

: none. He remains on vacation.

Buono/Silva Campaign: None for both individuals for the second day.

Senate Candidate Rep. Frank Pallone: 9:30am, “The Daily Rundown with Chuck Todd” on MSNBC; 2:30pm Walks Door-to-Door in Covered Bridge, Meet at Amberly Drive and Meadow Green Circle, Manalapan; 3:45pm Walks Door-to-Door in Cheesquake Village, Meet at  Galewood Avenue and Haven Drive, Matawan; 5pm Diner Stop – Reo Diner, Meet at 392 Amboy Avenue, Woodbridge;  6:15pm Senior Meeting with Indian American Community 2050 Oak Tree Road, Edison; 7:30pm Somerset County Fair North Branch Park, Bridgewater.

Legislature: in recess.

Senate Debate Did you listen last night? What did you think of the debate?

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