What two Sandy victims have to say about Chris Christie’s Stronger than the Storm ads

What do you think, Blue Jersey?

ICYMI, this is the Buono campaign’s new vid, John & Lee Ann’s Story, a nearly 3-min. recitation of bureaucratic red tape  and sad pictures unrepaired houses. Too bad LG Gaudagno’s Red Tape Commission only functioned to make things easier for the biz crowd.

Two keys of Christie’s re-election campaign – his ‘fiscal conservatism’ and Sandy response – deserve examination, particularly when they intersect. The STTS ads matter. It’s now clear what a gift Michele Brown gave her good friend benefactor mortgage-holder Gov. Christie with those Storm ads, after he gave her an $85k raise (to $225k) in naming her head of NJ’s Economic Development Authority (EDA). Despite the fact that it’s unclear what background she had in economic development, and apparently isn’t even qualified to review bids.

What’s so unclear? It’s so clear. Michele Brown is another Christie acolyte who serves him, before she serves the State. She spends $2M extra (of taxpayers’ federal disaster aid) on ads promoting her good friend benefactor mortgage-holder. And some Sandy victims are tired of those damned STTS ads, telling Christie’s story instead of theirs. (Do read the Ledger’s Gov. Christie’s shameless $2M self-promotion).

It’s to Buono’s benefit to make sure these stories are told. And it’s the right thing to do, if the Governor won’t do what’s right. But notes for next time: move comment about the STTS ads further up in the vid, not past the 2-min. mark like here. My 2 cents.  

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