What Does Back To School Mean to Chris Christie? Apparently, Not Much.

Although Governor Christie didn’t allow reporters into the room when he gave his speech to national Republican leaders at the party’s annual summer meeting, the important tidbits have emerged, and they are ugly.

But amidst the admissions of naked political ambition and boilerplate anti-union, anti-middle class screeds, Christie once again rolled up his tough-guy sleeves to take a swipe at all the nerds out there:

“I think we may have some folks that believe our job is to be college professors… You know, college professors basically spout out ideas that nobody ever does anything about.”

It’s bad enough that he ended a sentence in a public speech with a preposition that way – but college professors as ineffectual do-nothings? I think history would beg to differ. Then again, history is dumb book stuff for pussy “intellectuals” such as the following college professors, who never did anything or affected the world around them in any way:

President Barack Obama

President Woodrow Wilson (A NJ Native son)

President George H.W. Bush

President William Howard Taft

President Bill Clinton

Madeline Albright

Maya Angelou

Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

Albert Einstein

Jimmy Carter

C.S. Leiws


Noam Chomsky

Al Gore

Lee Lessig

Spike Lee

Cornel West

Marie Curie

Diane Ravitch

Justice Steven Breyer

Secretary of State John Kerry

and so on.  

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  1. proud2Bliberal

    his own Republican colleague Bernanke

  2. denniscmcgrath

    might have something to say about you claiming WW as a ‘native’ son.


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