Sweeney’s One Minute Update on Marriage Equality

It seems that the marriage equality marathon in New Jersey has entered the stadium, and is in the process of taking its final lap around the field before victory is at hand. At an organized labor breakfast this morning, I asked Senate President Sweeney for an update.

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  1. firstamend07

    Sweeney will deliver as promised.

    The override votes are there and will be delivered in the lame duck session.

  2. SeamusNJ

    Good to see Senator Sweeney taking the lead.  Quite a come around from his first absent vote.

  3. LK2013

    But we are not waiting any longer in civil union limbo land. Promises, promises. The IRS ruling August 29 that gives us Federal Tax benefits if we are in a legally recognized marriage, makes it clear that NJ civil unions count for nothing on the Federal level. We are heading to NY or CT next week to get a marriage that counts. That way we can stop paying imputed income tax on health insurance, and have equal rights for inheritance, estate taxes, and myriad other matters. We are utterly sick of waiting for NJ politics and the judiciary to throw us a bone. It will be great when NJ gets it done, but we are not waiting any longer for equal rights. It’s a shame because NJ was ahead of the game in 2007, but has fallen shamefully behind now for a northeastern state. Thanks, but it’s time to put up ASAP.

  4. deciminyan (Post author)

    Besides the fact that the governor is denying citizens fundamental rights, he is also hurting New Jersey business. I know of two gay NJ couples who got married in New York and held elaborate receptions there. Wouldn’t the New Jersey catering industry love to have those bookings?

  5. Bill Orr

    Sen,. Majority Leader Sweeney in the video says we only need three more votes. When the Senate passed the legislation in February it was three votes short of what is needed for an over-ride. In effect after six moths we are still three votes short. More legislative outreach to Republican Senators is what is needed. A wink and a nod from Christie would help but is unlikely. Because of redistricting and gerrymandering there will be few lame ducks in the legislature after the elections to make a difference. As of February we also  needed 12 votes in the Assembly. It’s unclear as to whether we are any closer in the Assembly now.  


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