Swarm this poll: Who needs a fundraising email from Gov. Martin O’Malley? We do.

I’m going to suggest you take a sec and tell Gov. Martin O’Malley to send a fundraising email for Barbara Buono. Read on. Or just do it now.

For a while I kept a count of how many emails I got from the DGA – the Democratic Governors Association – about GOP Virginia Gov candidate Ken Cuccinelli, who never met a uterus he didn’t think he could order around vs. emails about Chris Christie, whose crazy is considerably better harnessed. And far more dangerous, given that it’s Christie and not Cucinnelli who wants the White House and has people ready to write the fat checks to propel him there.

I gave up keeping count, and being annoyed that my emails to DGA went unanswered. I have enough stress. But now, here’s a thing. Now, they’re asking. Well, Gov. Martin O’Malley is. O’Malley, the hotshot Maryland governor who was sharply critical of Christie when he was DGA chair (he’s now Finance Chair) is circulating a poll asking which of 3 Gov races he should shoot out a fundraising email for.

The choices?

Virginia – for Terry McAuliffe, running against the aforementioned Cuccinelli, whose detractors call him “The Cooch” and he totally deserves that. Compares a woman’s right to choose to slavery, hates immigration reform, and didn’t want to sign a letter asking Congress to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act.

Maryland – O’Malley’s home state, where his LG Anthony Brown is looking to follow in O’Malley’s top-grade shoes.

And New Jersey, where Barbara Buono is running against Chris Christie. I know I don’t have to make the case to you why O’Malley’s fundraiser email should be for Buono. Screw Virginia. Screw Maryland. Not really.

Just Vote for New Jersey.

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  1. deciminyan

    I’ve been a fan of Governor O’Malley ever since I met him about two years ago when he came to New Jersey to raise funds for the state party. But now, he’s coming back to campaign for Cory Booker – the least progressive candidate running for Senate. I’ll forgive him for that – eventually – but I’m still disappointed that he didn’t endorse Holt or Pallone.

  2. klhoughton

    Terry Bloody McAuliffe, who was Clinton’s money man and has done jack for Progressive Dems since, is really on the verge of getting support from Act Blue?

    Vote just to make certain that doesn’t happen–the DLCC will be quite happy to make up any shortfall for him, while they studiously ignore NJ.


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