Sarah Palin says Chris Christie isn’t “rogue”

What a silly flibbertigibbet, Sarah Palin. And yet, here I am telling you what she had to say about their very public spat last month between Chris Christie and Rand Paul, over who’s libertarianism is “dangerous” when it comes to national security and who’s all gimme, gimme, gimme about federal disaster aid (but is really about who gets to be the cheese).

Sarah Palin used to be famous for being the governor John McCain picked from obscurity and made more famous than he was. Until Sarah Barracuda went rogue, which was a really, really bad thing for her campaign. That’s when the McCain found out just what a silly flibbertigibbet she really is. Now Palin thinks being rogue is a good thing. Palin is Team Rand. And Christie?

“Some people look at him as, ‘Oh man he’s the governor who goes rogue’,” she said. “No.”

She also said his confrontational stuff is nothing more than “schtick” set up by his office. That he’s just another big government “go-along-to-get-along” type governor.

Of course, she does have one big thing in common with Christie; she didn’t finish being governor, and you can expect the same from Christie if we re-elect him in 76 days.  

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