QOTD: Oppression edition

Pity the poor white man. Promoted by Rosi.

Steve Lonegan on his racist tweet:

“I have a handicap, you know,” the former mayor of Bogota said, as quoted by the Bergen-Record. “I am a white guy running in the state of New Jersey. That is my handicap.”

Those poor oppressed disadvantaged white males.  Please pity them.  Life is so hard.

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  1. vmars

    Governor: White Male

    US Senators — One White Male, One Hispanic (Cuban) Make

    US Members of Congress: 10 of 12 white men, one Hispanic Man, one African American Man.

    85% of the state legislature: white men

    It’s certainly a limitation to being a white man.

  2. carolh

    he was making a joke because he is actually legally blind.  That was a badly delivered punch line for folks expecting him to use his blindness as a sympathy getter….


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