QoTD: Bradley Beach Edition

Chris Christie’s heavily-promoted, and carefully stage-managed pre-Labor Day victory lap around the Jersey Shore hit a snag today, when New Jerseyans less inclined to laud the showman governor mixed in with his adoring crowd.

This is what one Asbury Park man, who declined to give his name, yelled at the gladhanding Christie:

“I guess your house was fixed after Sandy. Well mine wasn’t. And I have to sit and watch a $2 million commercial with this guy parading around like he’s done something.”

Actually, he’s wrong. The ads weren’t $2 million. They were more. It was $2 million extra the Christie administration paid, over the lowest bid, for ads that promoted Gov. Christie and his family. And that wasn’t even all people showed up to say to their governor today. Star Ledger has it.

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  1. Bob h

    “This Town…..” Is his scathing view of Christie.

    Leibovich has a nasty tongue on him, and isn’t taken in by Christie’s straight talking shtick.

    He describes Christie hoisting himself into the passenger seat of his SUV, looking like a “deployed airbag”.


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