Steve Lonegan for Senate tries to rescue candidate from racist campaign tweet


The tweet read, “#breaking just leaked – Cory Booker’s foreign policy debate prep notes,” and below it was a map of heavily African-American Newark. Scrawled over the map in different places was, “West Africa, Guyana, Portugal, Brazil.” Another annotation, pointing to Newark, read, “Middle East,” followed by “Afghanistan, Pakistan, plus Bangladesh and Trinidad.”

It went up. And then it quickly came down. Before it did, Politico snapped this screen shot. It came from the @LoneganForNJ Twitter account, which has an embarrassing 85 followers (one of which is @BlueJersey).

Running the damage control is campaign consultant and Lonegan frontman Rick Shaftan. Playing the Steve’s-more-wholesome-and-gooder-than-our-staff-or-consultants card, Lonegan said “didn’t find it funny or reflective of the way he thinks and asked that it be taken down immediately”.

I love it when these people are simply … themselves.

Racist tweet Steve Lonegan campaign

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  1. vmars

    So, Rand Paul has a guy who co-wrote his book and was his chief of staff who dressed up in a Confederate flag and said John Wilkes Booth was right to assassinate President Lincoln.

    Now this from Lonegan.

    But there’s no racism involved in the right wing Tea Party.  None at all.  


  2. tunghoy

    I’ve seen some of Shaftan’s comments on Facebook, and he’s as racist as they come. If he’s a senior Lonegan adviser, that itself should be news.

  3. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

    Wall Street Journal’s NJ reporter Heather Haddon reports via tweet where Steve Lonegan was while having to do his racist campaign tweet damage control:


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