Deep Thoughts: Why It’s Good Obama Is Not Endorsing Barbara Buono

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I think it’s a very good thing that Barack Obama is not using his political capital to support Barbara Buono for Governor of New Jersey.  I mean, if he did then the Republicans in Congress would get mad and might not vote to support Obamacare or other things Democrats find important.

But since he’s refusing to help a progressive woman in a campaign against a conservative, anti-choice Republican now Obama will be able to get anything through the House he wants.

Really, it’s political genius.

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  1. pyounghouse

    I see what you did there. And agree with the sarcasm.

  2. Jay Lassiter

    ….ok we get it. Obama is dead to you because he’s not fawning on Buono’s campaign with sweet kisses.  But I gotta ask, how much have each of y’all given Buono’s campaign? I mean, to hear y’all criticize it almost sounds like y’all both maxed out.

  3. Steve M

    because I don’t think anyone with a brain thinks the reason Obama hasn’t endorsed is because he thinks the Republicans might get mad at him.

    Whether I like it or not, the political calculation here is ridiculously easy for Obama.  If Buono wants him to weigh in on this race, she needs to find a chit to cash or a favor to call in or something.  It’s the candidate’s job, first and foremost, to create the appearance of a competitive race.

  4. brendanod

    for Corzine (I think).  I attended one at PNC Arts Center.  Most of the people there seem more interested in President Obama than they did at Governor Corzine and I think his loss proved that.  

    Obviously I would prefer that Obama campaign for Senator Buono to put some extra fizz in the campaign, but the Obama appearances seem to be no guarantee of extra votes especially with the voter suppression the bosses concocted towards Corzine and are using the same playbook for this election.

    Christie won by less than 5%.  I think there are more people motivated to vote against him then there were people unmotivated to vote for Corzine 4 years ago.  


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