DCCC Targeting Runyan, LoBiondo During Recess

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So the other day I decried outside national partisan orgs and how useless they are to New Jersey.  Well, I still fully believe that but am happy to be wrong if things change.

So, in that spirit, here’s news that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Commitee is spending some resources (so far an e-mail to a purchased liberal list) to target 17 GOP Congress Critters, and amazingly two are in our state: Frank LoBiondo (NJ2) and Jon Runyan (NJ3).  

On Monday, a DCCC aide sent a message to an email list sponsored by Americans United for Change, a liberal organization, describing the committee’s plans for the month-long break and including the warning, “please do not share this list with press.”

“In the majority of these districts we have field staffers on the ground, coordinated through the respective state parties, to define and hold accountable vulnerable Republican incumbents, through earned media tactics, messaging amplification, and community outreach,” wrote Ryan Daniels, the deputy national press secretary and African-American media adviser.

So far I haven’t heard anything about this through my contacts at the state party, so I don’t know how much is actually going on. However, I live up north and pretty far away from these districts so maybe I’m just not being considered as someone to get involved.

So, folks, am I still right in thinking the national political orgs talk a good game about NJ or are they changing and maybe this will result in something?

Tell us if you’ve heard of anything happening in district or if the state party’s reached out to you yet.  Love to hear from you.

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