Charlie Cook Says Every NJ Congress Critter is Safe for 2014

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Fifteen months out from the 2014 Congressional elections Charlie Cook is out with his first (I think) House Race Ratings and he thinks Democrats are on the defensive.

Except in New Jersey, where no one — donkey or elephant — is on the defensive. Instead they’ll spend their time, according to Cook, swatting away fly-like opponents and sending money out of state to other races.

If course, progressives could see this as an opportunity and start harassing GOP congressional critters now, getting them on the record and publicizing their radical voting records on websites (you’re on one now), in letters to the editor and with friends.

Some questions to ask:

  • Why have you voted 40 times to eliminate ObamaCare but not once to protect food stamps for NJ’s working poor?
  • Last election you promised to focus on jobs, jobs, jobs and there hasn’t been one jobs bill passed in the House.  Besides voting once every two weeks to eliminate ObamaCare, what have you done to merit returning you to office?
  • How can you justify voting to send your constituents’ federal income tax dollars to subsidize corporate farms while voting against helping NJ families who need help affording food for their families?
  • Do you support the level of cuts laid out in the Ryan budget you voted for, or was it just a symbolic vote?
  • Do you support Darryl Issa’s accusations — which have proven unfounded — that the White House used the IRS to target Tea Party groups?
  • What do you think the scandal of Benghazi is about?

Myself, I like the last one because I’ll bet not one of them can actually answer it.

Be sure to bring someone with a video camera to record for posterity.

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  1. Rosi Efthim

    Donald Trump calls Chuck Todd one of the dumbest voices in politics”.

    He doesn’t even get the joke he inadvertently tells on himself.

  2. D36Dem

    Maybe if Steve Rothman had the guts to run against Scott Garrett last year

  3. 12mileseastofTrenton

    Not a difficult call.  If the Dems could find a quality candidate to run in 5, it would be moved from safe to at least likely.  But they can’t seem to get one.

  4. Carl Bergmanson

    it’s hard to disagree


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