Blue Jersey’s Interview with Frank Pallone

I travelled to Congressman Frank Pallone’s Long Branch office this morning to speak to him about his campaign for the Democratic U.S. Senate nomination and his position of the issues of the day.

I was pleased that his response to my first question stressed his work on the environment, specifically New Jersey’s waterways. Pallone is strong on the environment, and like his counterpart Rush Holt (and unlike Cory Booker), unequivocally opposes dangerous hydraulic fracturing.

In addition to the environment, we talked about how he plans to work around the stalemate in Washington, health care, income disparity, education, and the emerging surveillance state.

Disclosure: I’m a Holt supporter and have volunteered for his campaign. But if Pallone beats Booker, I’ll be ecstatic

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  1. PNolkan

    as was your earlier interview with Rush Holt. We have 2 superb progressives running this year in Pallone and Holt. My vote likely going to Pallone; although I have been waffling back and forth. Unfortunately, they’re cancelling out each other leading to the platitudinous Mr. Booker going to Washington.  

  2. Carl Bergmanson

    …you lost any shot at my vote with your abstention on the NSA amendment – kind of like how I’ll never vote for Sweeney because of his ME abstention – an abstention on an issue of such importance is – IMNSHO – worse than a “no”. I can at least respect someone who votes their conscience on an issue I disagree with them on, but an abstention is just gutless.

  3. PNolkan

    Save our Schools NJ did a survey on the 6 candidates thoughts on education.

    Here is the link:



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